Information for Land Owners

Farmer DiscussingThree Curl Lease Connection is a land management company focused on assisting land owners create additional revenue by leasing and/ or managing their properties. We offer a hassle free passive source of income.

Your Property Is Important To Us

Our goal is to find out what is most important to you when it comes to your land. Is it extra income, liability coverage, tax shelter, privacy, preservation of land, or wildlife management? These are just a few. We have solutions to meet your needs. Three Curl Lease Connection would be happy to meet with you to determine the best solution.

Other Land Owner Options

  • Hunting Club
    • In most cases, land owners can generate the same income in six weeks as they would leasing out their land for cattle/farming for an entire year.
  • Annual/Seasonal Hunting Lease
  • Fishing Lease
    • If your property has water there is a potential to generate even more income for seasonal fishing leases.
  • Property Management
    • We will facilitate leases, collect rent, enforce rules, and market your property for Row Crop, Hunting, or Cattle leases.
  • Wildlife Management
    • Many landowners are able to keep their Ag Tax Credit through wildlife management practice without farming or ranching property.
  • Additional options can be tailored to fit your needs and assist you with managing your property, generating additional income, maintaining privacy, and protection from liability.


We are happy to provide many quality references that are close to you. All of our land owners breathe easy knowing we go to great lengths to do things the right way. We have a wide variety of customers that benefit from our services, from small family owned properties to corporate owned land for future developments and from Estate/Trust properties to large farming operations. Chances are, we work with someone you already know.

 Service and Benefits

  • Additional Income
  • $1,000,000 Liability Insurance on your property
  • Wildlife Management (to assist in maintaining Ag Tax Credit)
  • Evaluation property to determine optimum usageGeneric Ranch
  • Market Property for Lease or Sale
  • Lease holder application and selection process
  • Manage Lease holder activities, inspecting proper use of land, and enforcing rules
  • Post Signage, provide land clean up, and maintenance
  • Send reports with pictures of land and property conditions regularly

 Three Curl Lease Connection strives to provide peace of mind that your property is being managed and cared for as if it was our own.