HG 103 – Duck Hunting Lease in North Texas


No Current Openings


Three Duck holes one lease. This is a great lease. Biggest of the two ponds is between 5-6 acres and size bordering a cultivated field. Great cover on all size and good food in the pond. Pond is creek fed that floods out into hard woods on far end of duck hole with a nice large 4 man blind. Next hole is a great honey hole, it is a levy built on the end of a cultivated field that hold water year round an floods out the field with heavy rain and has a nice 4 man blind. Last pond is right at an acre in size nestled in a grove of trees. Great little late season mallard hole.

Proper wildlife management and conservation is very important to us to ensure the preservation of the land for the future. You never have to worry about over crowded dove leases again. No more showing up to a dove field open morning to be greeted with hundreds of glowing tail lights with only one acre per hunter to hunt. Three Curl Lease Connection has your next private or group lease at a very affordable price.